REMODEL helps manufacturing companies develop new business models based on open source principles.

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In the Spring of 2018, 10 Danish manufacturing companies went through the REMODEL programme. Now, we’ve published the toolkit for anyone to use. Especially manufacturers of hardware can take advantage of this new resource to radically rethink how they innovate and scale their business through open source.

“It became obvious to us that open source is the thing we need to integrate in the way we do business.” – Jarl Vindnæs, co-founder, Stykka

The toolkit contains guides, video tutorials and a peer to peer support forum which allows a company to not only fully direct their own transformation journey, but also to do so from their own location. Moreover, it contains business cases of the 10 companies that went through the original REMODEL program.

Explore the toolkit now

You can find the toolkit on We would love to hear from you with comments, suggestions and ideas – either by contacting Christian Villum at Danish Design Centre on or in the Slack forum we have set up for the toolkit (you will find a link for that in the toolkit – or can join directly by going here).

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An open source toolkit for open source innovation

The entire toolkit itself is, of course, open source: It is published under one of the most open and liberal licenses available, namely the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) license. In other words: Please take what we’ve made and make it your own, build on it, share it, sell it – do whatever you want with it. All we ask is that you mention where the originals came from (including credits to those third-party works who we’ve built some of our elements on). This is our way of building assets that will continue to pay value forward to coming generations of co-creators.


The REMODEL course is also available thorugh the learning platform Canopy Lab. Take the course here.