How can you use the REMODEL materials?

On top of being an initiative that explores open source-based manufacturing business models, the REMODEL program itself is also an open source design. This means that everything that comes out of these efforts – the upcoming toolkit, our learnings and findings, articles, methods and design tools, etc. – may be used and modified in whichever way you please, and it is encouraged to remix and build on all of it. Let’s show you a couple of ways this can happen.

In the Danish Design Centre we work from a principle which we call Open by default which not only means in legal terms that everything we do is openly licensed, unless specifically stated otherwise (for instance if there are certain requests from collaborators because of sensitive information), but also to signal clearly that we believe that innovation is stronger, faster and more scalable when it is open, collaborative and iterative. In other words: Standing on the shoulders of giants (and letting others stand on yours) makes it easier for all of us to become giants ourselves.

How can I use the REMODEL materials?

To dive in already and explore the design tools and methods developed for the companies (and tested by them in the design sprint), head on over to the REMODEL Github repository that serves as the main hub for materials until we launch the REMODEL Toolkit, which will offer a more polished wrapping (it will be available later in 2018 as a dedicated website, alongside Github).

Until the toolkit is ready, Github is the main way forward to use the materials, and you have several ways of doing that: Either by simply downloading the files and using them however you see fit, or by using Github’s built-in revision tools to re-publish your derivative work or suggest improvements. This can be done either in the comment section for each file, or even better through the use of Github’s pull request-functionality. To learn how to use Github in basic terms, watch this instructional video:

You can of course also suggest improvements or share your improved versions (as well as give us general feedback) using email. We are available on and eager to speak to anyone interested in further conversation.

Offering the most open terms for you to build on

All REMODEL outputs are published under one of the most open and liberal licenses available, namely the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) license. This license encourages free sharing, remixing and repurposing of all the materials (including for commercial purposes) and we hope this will motivate much further work based on the work that we’ve done so far in collaboration with the 10 companies and the global REMODEL Expert Panel.

In other words: Please take what we’ve made and make it your own, build on it, share it, sell it – do whatever you want with it. All we ask (as embedded in the license terms) is that you mentioned where the originals came from (including credits to those third-party works who we’ve built some of our elements on) and that you share your derivatives on under the same license. This is our way of (hopefully) building assets that will continue to pay value forward to coming generations of co-creators. Concretely, we hope others (companies, consultants, designers, activists, etc.) will pick up this work and these materials and make them even better, or perhaps even help facilitate design-sprints of their own.

We hope you would like to help explore the frontier of open design in business and open source innovation!

We believe that innovation is stronger, faster and more scalable when it is open, collaborative and iterative.

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