REMODEL Toolkit: Your one-stop-shop for open source manufacturing business strategy building

One of the objectives of the REMODEL program is to crystalize all learnings into a toolkit that will enable many more manufacturing companies than simply those 10 companies participating in the design sprint to build business strategies for hardware based on open source principles on their own.

This toolkit is envisioned to be a one-stop shop for any manufacturing company curious towards exploring the open source potential for themselves. It will be jam-packed with learnings from all the REMODEL work so far, and will of course include all the tools and methods developed for and tested in the REMODEL design sprint, but will also feature business case write-ups outlining the business strategies of the 10 participating companies, short video interviews and other bits and pieces that can hopefully inspire the making of many more open source-based business models in manufacturing companies across Denmark and the rest of the world (everything will be in English).

Timeline for publication

The timeline for the toolkit is as follows: The design sprint with 10 companies takes place in the spring of 2018 during 8 weeks and immediately after that we will commence with making interviews and video recordings, measure the projected economic effect of the sprint and write up the business cases. Coupled with the work of our web design team (who are in full swing already) we expect to be able to publish a final version of the toolkit in the late summer of 2018. Before that we will release the writings as we finalize it, and we’ve also already published all the tools as a Github repository to give way to early engagement and input (see below).

Creative Commons

An open source toolkit for open source innovation

The entire toolkit itself will of course be open source: It will be published under one of the most open and liberal licenses available, namely the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) license. This license encourages free sharing, remixing and repurposing of all the materials (including for commercial purposes) and we hope this will motivate much further work based on the work that we’ve done so far in collaboration with the companies and the global REMODEL Expert Panel.

Would you like to explore the frontier of open source innovation?

Concretely, we hope others (companies, consultants, designers, activists, etc.) will pick up this work and these materials and make them even better, or perhaps even help facilitate design-sprints of their own.

In other words: Please take what we’ve made and make it your own, build on it, share it, sell it – do whatever you want with it. All we ask (as embedded in the license terms) is that you mentioned where the originals came from (including credits to those third-party works who we’ve built some of our elements on) and that you share your derivatives on under the same license. This is our way of (hopefully) building assets that will continue to pay value forward to coming generations of co-creators.

Explore the tools now

To dive in already and explore the design tools and methods developed for and tested in the design sprint, head on over to the REMODEL Github repository. We would love to hear your comments or even better: Your pull requests with improvements and suggestions for the tools.